Ever gone to get a new puppy and it suddenly died? Or realised that your puppy is continually vomiting with diarrhoea? It could be suffering from the disease known as Canine Parvoviral Infection.

="ringworm in pets"
RINGWORM IN PETS 494 363 Ekua Esuon Thompson


Photo Credit: © 2022 Merck & Co., Inc. The name Ringworm may suggest an infection caused by a worm; however, this condition isn’t caused by a worm at all, but a fungus, “Microsporum canis” which can cause a generalized skin infection.  It is often associated with severe hair or fur loss and creates a ‘worm-like’…

="canine ehrlichiosis"
CANINE EHRLICHIOSIS 2560 1700 Ekua Esuon Thompson


Canine Ehrlichiosis is bacterial disease which occurs worldwide, especially in tropical countries. The disease is transmitted via the brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus). There have been few reports of transmission through blood transfusion. Several species of Ehrlichia are known to infect dogs including Ehrlichia ewigii, Ehrlichia equi and Ehrlichia platys. However, Ehrlichia canis causes the…

="image of ecto-parasites in pets: ticks & fleas".
ECTO-PARASITES IN PETS: TICKS &FLEAS 466 269 Ekua Esuon Thompson


Photo Credit: © 2022 by Advanced Care Veterinary It is our desire to see our cherished pets always healthy and happy. One of the most worrying issues in taking care of our pets are ectoparasites. They just seem to always be around no matter what we do. Sometimes we resort to desperate measures in our…

="image of dog with kennel cough
KENNEL COUGH 555 396 Ekua Esuon Thompson


Photo Credit: Copyright © 2022 · Top Notch Pet Care Kennel cough is a term loosely used to describe a complex of respiratory infections (both viral and bacterial), that cause inflammation of a dog’s larynx (voice box) and trachea (windpipe). It’s a form of bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi) and is similar to a chest…

="image of ferocious dog. Help Save a life, Vaccinate your pet. Rabies
HELP SAVE A LIFE, VACCINATE YOUR PET 589 399 Ekua Esuon Thompson


Photo Credit: Rabies is the most common zoonotic disease spoken of when issues relating to pet health comes up. This disease has killed thousands and continues to do so every year. In Africa alone, on average about 59,000 people die annually because of this disease. Ghana is no exception, records of several dog bites…

="image of heart infested with worms. Canine heartworm disease"
CANINE HEARTWORM DISEASE 1933 1363 Ekua Esuon Thompson


Photo Credit: Canine heartworm disease is a potentially deadly disease caused by the worm Dirofilaria immitis. This parasitic worm lives in the heart and lungs (pulmonary arteries) of an infected dog. The worm travels through the bloodstream, harming arteries and vital organs as they go. Ultimately, it completes its journey to the vessels of…

alt="happy pet life"
Happy Pet Life 450 365 Ekua Esuon Thompson

Happy Pet Life

Photo Credit: It’s pleasant seeing people walk their dogs in the early hours of the day or admiring how some dogs guard their master’s home with all diligence. It’s nice to come home and be greeted by your pet displaying all its antics that make you laugh and feel amused, and you can’t wait…

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Fly Strike ‘Myiasis’ 600 359 Ekua Esuon Thompson

Fly Strike ‘Myiasis’

Photo Credit: © 2022 This is a painful, sometimes deadly condition caused by infestation of the body of a living animal by the larvae (maggot) of flies. These flies belong to the Order Diptera and examples of flies under this Order causing this condition include bot fly, tumbu fly and blow fly. The flies…

alt="Cataract in Pets"
Cataracts In Pets 602 400 Ekua Esuon Thompson

Cataracts In Pets

Photo Credit: SmugMug+Flickr.2011 The eye is one of the most sensitive and vital organs of the body. With it, we see and admire the beauty of the world around us. As important as this organ is, several conditions affect and ultimately destroy its function, which is sight. One of the most common conditions affecting the…

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