We provide Veterinary services to clients in the pet, production and recreational industries

Vetcall Services

VetCall Connect

Get connected to a Veterinary Professional or Veterinary Hospital/Clinic near you for all your pet/animal health needs.

VetCall Market

Are you looking for affordable and quality pet/animal products to buy? Do you want to purchase a new farm animal, or would you like to acquire a new pet? Look no further. VetCall Market connects you with veterinary shops and farms near you.

VetCall Alert

Having challenges keeping up with pet/ animal routine schedules? Sign up with vetcall alert to aid you keep up to date with all the calender activities for your pet/ animal.

VetCall Job Search

Are you looking for a job? Do you have qualifications in the field of agriculture/veterinary medicine? Get connected to the various job openings from different companies in the country

VetCall Microtech

Keeping records of your farm/pet is necessary. VetCall Microtech offers a simple way of storing data for your farm/pet which can be retried only by appropriate authority only.

Providing a Platform

We seek to create a platform(website and app) which will link veterinary officer all around the country to stakeholders of animal production and animal care.

Linkage Solutions

We specifically aim to create linkages between;
– Farmers and Veterinary Officers
– Farmers and Consumers
– Veterinarians and Pet Owners
– Farmers, Veterinarians and Veterinary Shops

What We Do