Fly Strike ‘Myiasis’

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Fly Strike ‘Myiasis’

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This is a painful, sometimes deadly condition caused by infestation of the body of a living animal by the larvae (maggot) of flies.

These flies belong to the Order Diptera and examples of flies under this Order causing this condition include bot fly, tumbu fly and blow fly.

The flies lay their eggs on another animal or are carried to other animals by other insects such as mosquitoes. The eggs hatch into larvae (maggots) which digest and feed on the host’s flesh, causing wounds and irritations by their moving and feeding activity. Finally, they pupate and emerge into the environment as a fly.

This condition is common in the tropics and where flies are abundant. All living beings are susceptible to myiasis; humans, pets (usually dogs) and livestock.


  • Pets with open wounds
  • Sick pets usually stained with urine and diarrhoea. Pets in such conditions are smelly and have damp fur which attract these flies.
  • Pets that do not clean themselves properly.

Generally, animals that are outdoors are more prone to getting this condition. However, hygiene plays a key role in preventing your pet from getting this condition.


The condition is treated by removing the larvae by a professional (your vet) and the wounds treated accordingly.

It is important to keep your pet in dry and airy environments. Treat any wound on your pet to avoid other complications and invitation of flies.